Ongoing Issues & Actions

The OBA’s advocacy role involves early identification, analysis and strategic response toward resolution.

Active issues include:

Neonicotinoid Bee Poisonings in Ontario:

The OBA has become very concerned for the future of the honey bee in Ontario because of the reports we have been getting from our members and from the data presented to us by independent research scientists from Canada and around the world. This position statement details the OBA official position on this issue. If you suspect that your bees have been affected by the planting of treated seeds, contact PMRA using these guidelines.

Retaining the Ontario Bees Act:

In response to our letter of concern related to the repeal of the Bees Act of Ontario, the Ontario Ministry for Agriculture and Food (OMAFRA) has indicated that the development of a new regulation for bee health under the Animal Health Act, 2009 is not a current priority for OMAF and there is no plan to move forward in the short term with any repeal of the Bees Act. Click here for the OBA's modified position statement and more details on OMAFA's letter.