Donations provide critical funding and demonstrate that Ontario beekeepers and their friends are committed to healthy bees and sustainable beekeeping in Ontario. We can thank honey bees and wild pollinators for one-third of the food we eat each day. Many fruits and vegetables rely on pollination for production.

Donations to the OBA Tech-Transfer Program help keep the program active. Monies received from the industry and interested public are used to show support for the various research and educational projects that TTP apply for and administer.

BeeCause donations support OBA’s advocacy initiatives that ensure bee health issues and beekeepers’ voices are heard by policy-makers, politicians and thought-leaders and that the complex and sometimes competing issues of sustainable agriculture, food safety and security, and pollinator health are fully and fairly considered. 

Your donation is making a meaningful difference. Please continue to support the OBA and our mission. For this, Ontario’s beekeepers, honey bees and wild pollinators thank you.

Please note, the OBA is not a registered charity.

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