COBA Conference 2019: Beekeeping Locally & Abroad: Issues, Challenges & Hopes

Saturday, September 14, 2019 to Sunday, September 15, 2019

Join COBA members and friends on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15 in Lindsay at Fleming College - Frost Campus, 200 Albert Street South for two days of learning, networking and discussion. 

Everyone welcome to this post-Apimondia event!

The conference is geared towards all experience levels - from new beekeepers to those with decades of experience. International and local researchers and experts will provide stimulating and educational perspectives on a range of current beekeeping topics.

In addition, two workshops (limited registration) will provide hands-on learning for participants.

Speakers include: 

      Dr. Raffaele Dall'olio, COLOSS Honeybee Research Association

      Dr. Nuria Morfin Ramirez, University of Guelph

      Susan Chan, University of Guelph

      Dr. Noa Simon Delso, Centre Apicole de Recherche et Information (CARI), Belgium

      Dr. Janko Bozic, University of Ljubljana


For more information about the speakers and to purchase tickets, use this link.

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For other questions, contact COBA secretary.