Advanced IPM for Beekeeping Workshop - Ottawa area

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

The Advanced IPM workshop will go beyond the content of TTP’s original IPM course. Workshop attendees will learn, in detail, the biology and life cycles of honey bee pests and disease in respect to colony management. The nuances and diagnosis of important pests and diseases and their lifecycle throughout beekeeping seasons will familiarize beekeepers with pest and disease both immediately and long term. Key biosecurity protocols to follow, how to reduce overall stress on colonies, and developing a long-term rotation of treatments will also be emphasized in the workshop. A lab component of the workshop will guide beekeepers through the microscopic analysis of dead bee samples and the identification of disease. Finally, utilizing records, generating reports, and making use of information gathered throughout the season will be part of this advanced workshop. This workshop is intended to provide beekeepers with a further improved understanding of the pests and diseases that afflict honey bees and therefore take action to manage the damage they cause.

Having completed the original IPM for Beekeeping workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. Having equivalent experience and familiarity with the current pests and diseases that affect honey bees in Ontario will be considered.