A Beeman's Journey by Charles Sauriol

A Beeman's Journey is an exciting outdoors journey through the years in the footsteps of Naturalist-Historian-Beekeeper Charles Sauriol, author of Remembering the Don and Tales of the Don.

Mr. Sauriol answers questions often raised about bees, their habits and their value. His answers are positive, homey and reflect the long experience related in stories, anecdotes and experiences that emphasize both the romantic and positive side of beekeeping.

A Beeman's Journey is altogether a unique book that will take you outdoors through the fields during the high tide of summer, and in the woods with the awakening of the maple flowers. In the wake of the author's steps lay all the concerns of a beekeeper who guides his charges from their first soaring flights to the time that honey appears in the hives.

The book centres on the fascinating experiences of watching bees at work an
d later in their pursuit of the flowers that in seasonal waves provid the bees with their honey pasture.

As Mr. sauriol informs us, there are many kinds of honey and he has researched them all over the years, in the painstaking quality that identifies A Beeman's Journey as an exceptionally valuable book.

This is not a bee book per se but the story of one devoted Beekeeper's adventures, a story forty years in the making.