Importation of bee packages from the U.S.

April 30, 2013

The OBA has been supportive of the Government of Canada's commitment to the well-being of Canada's bees by not allowing the importantion of U.S. package bees into Canada. Recently, some provinces have requested that the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-food revisit this decision to allow packages to be imported at least in the short term. You can read our letter opposing this recommendation to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food here. And his response is here.

Update November 4, 2013:

CFIA has released its consultation report, "Risk Assessment on the Importation of Honey Bee (apis mellifera) Packages from the United States of America which concludes: Conclusions of the current risk assessment are similar to the previous scientific evaluation conducted in 2003; there is still a high probability of introducing diseases and pests into Canada due to importation of honey bees from the continental United States. The risk assessment does not provide new scientific evidence to remove or decrease the current import control measures in place, thus allowing only the importation of honey bee queens from the United States." Read the full report here.

The Ontario Beekeepers' Association supports this recommendation and encourages all interested parties to support this ruling through the consultation process. The email address for comments is:  For further information