OBA Board of Directors Nominations - 2023

The OBA is led by a Board of 14 dedicated and hard-working volunteers. 

It is critically important to the beekeeping industry in Ontario that your Board represents a diversity of experiences and opinions and that we advocate vigilantly on your behalf to ensure the sustainability of the beekeeping industry in this province. Each year we seek nominations for Board positions.
The following is a short list of some of the duties and responsibilities of a director:
• To bring issues of concern from their local Beekeeping populace to the attention of the board.
• To be the contact between the Association and the Beekeeping members in their area.
• To promote the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association by talking with beekeepers or enthusiasts that are not currently members about the OBA, explaining its value and the benefits of belonging.
• To sit on committees in order to assist in Association activities and achieve it’s programs goals.
• To attend local Association meetings to provide a greater connection to the OBA.
• To participate in policy discussions that will enhance the economic and social wellbeing of Ontario Beekeepers.

As of 2014, the OBA implemented a multi-year approach to Board terms allowing for better continuity and succession-planning. Generally, Board positions are for 3-year terms, however, circumstances creating a vacancy could result in a shorter term. 

This year (2023) there are four (4) Board positions to be filled, with 3-year terms. In addition, a provisional position may be elected, that member to be brought onto the Board should a position become vacant during the year. Board composition requires at least nine (9) of the 14 Directors represent the commercial apiary industry.
These member's terms end in November and ARE NOT standing for re-election:
Andre Flys
These member’s terms end in November and ARE standing for re-election:
Jim Coneybeare
Mike Parker
Dave Stotesbury
2023 NOMINATIONS - Posted here for consideration.
Voting will take place on Thursday, November 23 during the members meeting as part of the OBA Conference.