Keith Forsyth, Montoux Award Recipient

"Keith Forsyth is one of the hardest working colleagues that I have served with. Keith has always stood out for his dedication to beekeepers and his passion and interest for apiculture. Keith always went above and beyond in his work ethic to get the job done." Paul Kozak, Provincial Apiarist

"Keith Forsyth has always been a very quiet, thoughtful and helpful person, excellent at inspecting bees and an excellent negotiator. Keith served many years as EAS Director for Ontario and looked after the honey at the Royal Winter Fair for the OBA honey sales. Thank you for being so helpful to your fellow beekeepers." Doug McRory

Keith began beekeeping in 1963 when introduced to apiculture in an agricultural studies course offered at his high school. He continued his learning by taking correspondence courses available from New York State and Pennsylvania State apiculture programs. He had several mentors from the local beekeeping community who fostered his learning and helped him gain confidence to start his first two hives.