T-shirts, Signs, Hats, Promotional & Educational Items


Promotional & Educational Items

To order contact the OBA Administration Office.

100% Honey Ball Caps

Available in both Gold and Black

Our new 100% Ontario Honey baseball hat pairs well with the 100% Ontario Honey Apron. It is structured, and made of ultratouch deluxe heavyweight brushed cotton twill which will last several comfortable seasons. An antique silver ring buckle adjusts for a perfect fit. The OBA logo appears on the left side.

Availiable in both Gold and Black.

$25 (HST and shipping extra)

100% Ontario Honey Apron

100% Ontario Honey Apron

"I am... 100% Ontario Honey" vendor apron. Great as a gift for a honey-lover or yourself, these aprons will appeal to both men and women – adjustable neck strap with two deep pockets.

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$25 (HST and shipping extra)

OBA Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in this stylish BPA free bottle.

$10 (HST and shipping extra)

100% Ontario Honey Aluminum Gatepost Signs

Printed both sides – 90 degree bend for mounting

Available in two sizes:

  • Small 6” x 16 horizontal read $45.00 (HST and shipping extra)
  • Small 6” x 16 vertical read $45.00 (HST and shipping extra)
  • Large 12” x 16 horizontal read $65.00 (HST and shipping extra) (SOLD OUT)
$45 (HST and shipping extra)

100% Ontario Honey Stickers

100% Ontario Honey Sticker                               100% Ontario Honey - Tamper Evident Sticker
1000 per roll                                                       1000 per roll
Size: 1" x 1"                                                       Size: 1" x 4 1/8"
$20.00 (HST and shipping extra)                         $25.00 (HST and shipping extra) 
Sold Out                                                             Sold Out

                                     To order contact Dominion & Grimm Inc.
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                                     t: 1 877 676-1914
                                     E: heather@dominiongrimm.ca

$20 - $25 (HST and shipping extra)

Brochures, Pamphlets and Books

Taste the Sweet Goodness of Ontario Honey 

How to cook and preserve with honey, and substituting sugar for honey in your recipes. Space available on back of brochure to apply your own contact information.

Current members            50 pamphlets per year      shipping charge only
in good standing            
                                     additional pamphlets        .30 cents each

Non-members                 50 pamphlets                  $15.00 plus shipping

To order contact the OBA Administration Office. 


Ontario's Bees, Beekeepers and Pesticides

Current members in good standing -  shipping charge only.

To order contact the OBA Administration Office.   



Understanding the Importance of the Honey Bee & Pollination in Canada

Current members in good standing -  shipping charge only.

To order contact the OBA Administration Office.  


What's All the Buzz About

Provides the answers to questions such as: What is honey and where
does it come from? Is honey good for you? Who are the occupants of
the hive? Why do bees make honey? What is pollen and what happens in pollination? What is Honey's Nutritional Profile?

Download Flyer [PDF] 

A Beeman's Journey
by Charles SauriolA Beeman's Journey

A Beeman's Journey is an exciting outdoors journey through the years in the footsteps of Naturalist-Historian-Beekeeper Charles Sauriol, author of Remembering the Don and Tales of the Don.

Mr. Sauriol answers questions often raised about bees, their habits and their value. His answers are positive, homey and reflect the long experience related in stories, anecdotes and experiences that emphasize both the romantic and positive side of beekeeping. More

$7.95 (shipping extra)

$7.95 and up (shipping extra)


The OBA currently offers a table top display available for use to current OBA members. Booking subject to availability. Photos and information on the colour panels can easily be removed and changed to customize for your promotional information. Please call the OBA Administration Office for availability.

“Pierre the Bear” Costume

In addition to signage and clothing, an exciting product has been created by Canadian Honey Council (CHC) to assist in promoting "100% Ontario Honey. "Pierre the Bear" makes an appearance at your local event or fair.

"Pierre" attracts the young and old with his sweet honey charm. "Pierre the Bear" is a custom costume available to OBA members. The costume is complete with a cooling fan for those warm summer events. "Pierre the Bear" is available for booking through the OBA office. Arrangements can be made to pick up at the OBA Administration Office located in Milton, ON.


Ontario Beekeepers' Association gratefully acknowledges the financial support and guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in developing these promotional items.