Meet a Beekeeper

Beekeeper - Bill Lake

Bill Lake’s interest in honey bees peaked in 1986 when he offered to help a friend extract honey.

Gavin North & Bay Woodyard - Honeypie Hives and Herbals
"Enjoying a spring evening as I walk in the bee yard and smell honey and brood from a healthy hive is my best reward."
Sandra Lagace - Beekeeper

Beekeeper Enthusiast Charmed by the Honeybees...

Five Guys and a Hobby

What started as an interest and love of bees has led five guys that originally kept bees as a hobby to be elected as the newest members of the OBA Board of Directors.

Jim Coneybeare

If you ask Jim Coneybeare what he does each day, he’ll tell you it depends on the weather...or whether...That is, he plans his days according to what the weather is doing and whether or not the things that need to get done each day, get done.