Membership Resolutions

OBA guidelines regarding the resolution process

The Ontario Beekeeper’s Association resolution process provides a democratic structure that allows OBA members to submit policies or advocacy positions to the membership for consideration at the Annual General Meeting of members. 

Submission of Resolutions: 

  • OBA members are encouraged to submit resolutions to the Board at any time. (email
  • To ensure an opportunity for prior review of members, those resolution proposals received within 60 days of the AGM will be referred to the Resolutions Committee for review to ensure that the resolution is formatted correctly and that it provides sufficient information regarding the issue.  If further information is required, the Resolutions Committee will contact the submitting party to amend as necessary.
  • To allow for general member review, pending resolutions received within 60 days will be posted on the website during that period. Members may be notified by general or email, as well, in compliance with OBA by-laws.

General Criteria:

  • Resolutions for consideration by the members of the OBA must be consistent with and promote the OBA mandate as outlined in the OBA mission, vision and values statement.
  • A resolution that increases expenses or poses an exceptional draw upon existing OBA resources shall be considered pro tem pending a review of the implications by the Board of Directors who will report back to the members on the resolution section of the website.


  • The Chair of the Resolution Committee and anyone submitting a resolution from the floor of the AGM will present their resolution to the membership.  Upon a motion to ‘second’, the assembly will be encouraged to debate the motion before a vote is called.
  • There are three possible courses of action for each resolution:
  1. Adopt it – with or without amendments
  2. Defeat it
  3. Refer it to the OBA Board of Directors for more review or to make a decision on behalf of the members.
  • A majority vote carries the resolution.
  • Adopted resolutions will be posted on the OBA website and in the Ontario Beekeeper’s Journal and will be added to the OBA compendium of resolutions.  These resolutions will be updated as progress develops.

Download the Resolution Form [PDF]  Submit resolutions to



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