Presented Resolutions

Resolutions to be presented at the 2020 Annual General Meeting

Resolution 1

Whereas, Cash flow is a important issue in Agribusiness and that OSCIA has an onerous procedure for the administration of program claims which involves producers spending a significant amounts of money up front and being subjected to unnecessary delays in fund delivery and whereas the process involves submission of paid invoices

and Whereas 20% of applicants are subjected to the process of site visits to photograph these same purchases.

And Whereas those 20% of inspected files are subject to a further 30 day delay from the point of inspection

Be it resolved that the OBA recognize the onerous and unnecessary nature of OSCIA’s administrative procedures and the OBA work with OSCIA and OMAFRA to develop a program funding model which either does not require that funds be spent in advance OR that provides immediate reimbursement upon submission of paid invoices.

Moved by Mike Davidson

Seconded by Bernie Wiehle


Resolution 2

Whereas Import adulterated and counterfeit honey are a problem and a potential health hazard,

And whereas Import moratorium would benefit beekeepers and bee products consumers,

Be it resolved that OBA support the proposed import moratorium as detailed by Niagara Beeway.

Moved by George Scott

Seconded Ed Unger