Strategic Planning

    In 2013, the OBA released a five-year Summary of Strategic Directions, carving a path forward to support Ontario’s beekeeping industry as well as the growth of the organization. Now, in 2022, we want to refresh our strategic directions, building on our successes since 2013 and leveraging new opportunities to support Ontario beekeepers. 
     To support the development of the new plan, we have brought together a working group consisting of OBA staff, board members, and beekeepers. We have also contracted Wilton Consulting Group (WCG) to engage OBA members and external industry stakeholders in the strategic plan updates. WCG is based in Fergus, ON, and focuses on facilitating sustainability and innovation in agri-food and rural systems through a change management approach. 
     On July 26, 2022, WCG met with the members of the OBA working group to facilitate a discussion on Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats (SCOT) for the OBA to consider in the development of a new Strategic Plan. Below is a summary of insights shared that will help to inspire engagement on the OBA’s strategic direction for the next five years:

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  • OBA has a reputation for being a credible industry leader in research and extension for Ontario beekeepers
  • OBA has a diverse membership
  • OBA is recognized as the voice for beekeepers in Ontario
  • OBA’s diverse membership means providing resources and programming for a range of beekeepers, from hobbyists to commercial beekeeping operations 
  • Social media platforms spread misinformation and non-local information about beekeeping
  • Public awareness of bees and their benefits is limited
  • Climate change impacts, such as extreme weather events and invasive species, threaten bee vitality
  • Changes in consumer trends such as veganism and reduced sugar diets may decrease the market for local honey
  • The sale of non-local honey diverts the consumer market
  • Diversify training offerings to support beekeepers to meet environmental and socioeconomic challenges and opportunities
  • Education and knowledge-sharing for the general public about the benefits of bees and local bee products
  • Public support of pollinators can enable funding opportunities 
Wilton Consulting Group will use this SCOT analysis, along with surveys, further planning sessions, and several draft reviews, to develop an actionable Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 that aligns with the aspirations of the OBA.  

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