Programs & Initiatives

The services and programs of the OBA span the full spectrum of beekeeping.

In this section, learn about how the OBA is enabling the development of healthy bees, promoting and supporting pollination services, finding new ways to combat pests and diseases and working across the agricultural community on issues of common concern.

Tech Transfer Program (TTP)

The mandate of the TTP is to conduct research for Ontario’s beekeeping industry, to facilitate a honey bee breeding program in Ontario and to transfer information, skills and methodologies to the beekeepers.

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Ontario Bee Breeders Association (OBBA)

The OBBA works with Ontario Beekeepers to produce high quality queens, queen cells and nucs through education and practical support.

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Ontario Honey Bee Pollination Association (OHBPA)

The OHBPA promotes agricultural pollination and supports beekeepers providing pollination services.

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The OBA works in partnership with other organizations and initiatives to leverage our impact and support issues of common concern.

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