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2017 Winter Wrap Program

The Wellington County Beekeepers Association is once again selling winter wraps for the fall of 2017. Orders are due by September 15th,

Federal Court blocks attempt to stop lawsuit over potentially harmful bee pesticide

By Bob Weber - The Canadian Press,

Ontario Beekeepers Still Suffering Unsustainable Colony Losses

More than half (51%) of Ontario beekeepers responding to a poll by the Ontario Beekeepers' Association experienced unsustainable overwinter losses

OBA to House Committee Chair re Questions on Evidence Presented

Questions on evidence presented and included in the minutes of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food March 7, and March 9, 2017 discu

Addendum to the OBA response to PMRA’s re-evaluation of Imidacloprid - Preliminary Pollinator Assessment REV2016-05

OBA Media Release: Ontario Beekeepers Tell the House Bees are Still Threatened

OBA Comments to The House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food on PMRA proposal to phase out Imidacloprid

Comments on March 7, 2017 from the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association to the The House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food Hear

2017 OBA TTP Beekeeping Workshops

Did you know that propolis has antibacterial qualities, that nosema can cause low honey production or that a honey bee queen can lay 1500 eggs in

OBA responds to HC proposal for front-of-package label

OBA responds to potential changes to access to antibiotics

Recently, Health Canada proposed amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations to address the issue of antimicrobial resistance in the context of vet

OBA responds to CHC criticism

The following letter was sent to the board of the Canadian Honey Council on Friday following an unexpected and disappointing public statement from

Niagara College's new commercial beekeeping program driven by growing demand for beekeepers

New research: Neonicotinoid-contaminated pollinator strips adjacent to cropland reduce honey bee nutritional status

New research: Effects of wintering environment and parasite-pathogen interactions on honey bee colony loss in north temperate regions.

Mixtures of multiple pesticides in products not evaluated for increased toxicity