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New research: Neonicotinoids impact bumblebee colony fitness in the field

Ontario beekeepers support government plan to reduce neonicotinoid use by 80%

Just posted: Proposed regs to limit neonics


OBA is assisting Novometrix distribute a survey to assess bee health: find it here

OBA is assisting Novometrix Research Inc, the research group carrying out a beekeeper survey funded by OMAFRA, to distribute their survey.

OBA Media Release: Ontario beekeepers respond to Grain Farmers' Pollinator Health Blueprint

97 per cent support Ontario's plan to restrict bee-killing pesticides

TORONTO – Ontario’s proposal to restrict bee-killing pesticides received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public.

Beekeeping Workshop Registration is now available!

Check out the Beekeeping Workshops page for more information.

New Research: neonicotinoid insecticide residues in surface water and soil associated with commercial maize fields in Southwestern Ontario

Norfolk drawn into neonicotinoid debate

Guelph Mercury. Pollination Guelph: Support the province's pollinator health strategy The family farm will survive (letter from CFFO farmer)

Here is a very thoughtful piece from a CFFO farmer:

Record yield for corn planted without neonics in EU

Yields are at least 25 % above the five-year average in Romania, Hung

Reality Check: The straight facts on honeybees: NOW magazine

Christian farmers plead for calm, unity: Guelph Mercury


Report shows higher than ever yields in post-neonic UK