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CAPA releases winter loss report for 2014

OBA Press Release: Ontario suffers Canada's worst winter bee losses

Scientists track gene activity when honey bees do and don't eat honey

Beekeepers question Bayer CropScience at Guelph symposium

Ban neonicotinoids now to avert another silent spring.

CBC: Decline in birds, not just bees, linked to neonicotinoid pesticides

It's not just the bees that are harmed by controversial crop pesticides called neonicotinoids – the birds are also disappearing in places where the

Saving bees from chemical death: Peterborough Examiner

In the eyes of bee lovers, a member of our ecosystem, who helps to put food on our table, might be getting a helping hand from us, for a change.

Belleville Intelligencer: Beekeepers pleased by pesticide ruling

By Luke Hendry

Beekeepers are applauding the new Ontario government’s plan to restrict the use of pesticides linked to bee deaths.

Research: Declines in insectivorous birds are associated with high neonicotinoid concentrations


Recent studies have shown that neonicotinoid insecticides have adverse

BBC: Bird decine 'smoking gun' for pesticide's effects

Research: Chronic impairment of bumblebee natural foraging behaviour induced by sublethal pesticide exposure


  1. Insect pollination is a vital ecosystem service that maintains biodiversity and sustains ag

CBC: Bee foraging skills impaired by neonicotinoid pesticides

Popular pesticides linked to declines in bee populations appear to harm bumblebees by impairing their ability to learn how to gather food, new rese

Star: Common pesticides stealing bees' survival skills, study finds.

OBA Clarifies Position Statement


OBA Press Release: Ontario becomes first province to act on neonicotinoids