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OBA does not support the National Honey Bee Health Survey

CBC: Bee-killing pesticides: The fight ramps up

US summer and winter bee colony losses 42%

US releases its multi-pronged plan for bees and pollinators

Heavy on 'needs more research', etc.

PA Paul Kozak's Annual Report 2014

OBA newsletter: winter loss survey results

Read OBA's best estimate based survey results from 411 Ontario beekeepers.

Better, but still twice what is acceptable.

OBJ excerpt: OBA talks bees with Minister Glen Murray

Compelling new evidence released today supports restrictions on neonics

How was your winter? Take OBA's 2-minute survey.

We'll get back to you with the results as soon as the survey closes on May 1st.

OBA Newsletter: Worried about Lyme Disease?

Better Farming: Border bee buzz

Global 16x9: Global revisits bees and neonics. Featuring OBA VP Jim Coneybeare

Global: Proposed ban of suspected bee killer sets off massive fight in rural Ontario

Watch Global at 7 pm on Saturday for insight into where we are on the effort to reduce neonicotinoids.

Lowes launches plan to phase out pesticides linked to honey bee decline: G&M

Grade 5 class pet honeybee proves the key to learning is passion