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The Western Producer: EPA dismisses neonics' effectiveness

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G&M: EPA says controversial neonics do little to help soybean yields

OBA Media release: Bee killing pesticide yields no benefit to soy farmers

Northumberland: A look at the science on neonics

In the ECO’s latest Annual Report

EPA confirms neonicotinoids have no positive effect on soybean crops

Environmental Commissioner releases report calling for quick action on neonics.

CBC Quirks and Quarks: Insights into neonicotinoid issues

Pollinator Stewardship Council Newsletter

Town of Mono bans neonics, asks Premier for provincial ban.

Canadian Senate Bee Hearings: American Beekeeping Federation confirms neonics number one problem.

(excerpt) Tim Tucker, President, American Beekeeping Federation:  Thank you.  I am honoured to be here to offer what

Province sets July 1st for neonic permit start: Better Farming

Now available: OMAFRA's recommended Best Practices for Winter Prep

OBA Press Release: Beekeepers applaud Premier Wynne's commitment to bees

Province issues mandate letters to Ministers: Neonics to be controlled

The Government of Ontario has made public the mandate letters provided to Ministers from the Premier that frame the expectations of each ministry.

Better Farming: Syngenta seeks new uses for neonicotinoids

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