Group Liability Insurance

Membership Benefit OBA Comprehensive $5 Million General Liability Insurance

The ONTARIO BEEKEEPERS' ASSOCIATION offers Membership Commercial Liability Insurance Policy in place for current OBA members who reside in Ontario.

The insurance policy runs from January 1st to December 31st.

It should be noted that this description represents a general overview of the policy, covering the important issues. Exact detail is provided in the policy wording. Please direct any questions through the OBA office.

Operations/Risks Insured:

All operations of beekeeping with respect to beekeeping, honey sales and demo hives displayed at schools, fairs and other similar locations. Note that commercial operations such as manufacturing of candles, lip balms, etc. are not covered under this policy and we would suggest that you consult your insurance professional regarding your insurance needs.

Limits of Liability:

Bodily Injury and Property Damage, each occurrence $5,000,000 (Deductible $500 any one occurrence)
Products and Completed Operations, each occurrence $5,000,000 (Any sales to the United States should be discussed with the OBA office)
Annual Aggregate $5,000,000
Personal Injury Liability, each occurrence $5,000,000
Medical Payments - provides voluntary payment of medical expenses

Non-owned Automobile Liability $2,000,000
(Protects you against legal liability arising from the use or operation on your behalf of any automobile that you do not own. If the vehicle owner's policy had lapsed, or the limits proved inadequate, this would protect you.) Broad Form Completed Operations Incl. in limit


Property Damage Deductible - any one occurrence $ 500.00

Special Extensions

It is hereby understood and agreed that the named insured shall include and cover only those members who pay for the insurance option according to the hive locations they have registered with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at the time they apply.

Special Exclusions/Restricting Terms

It is understood and agreed that claims arising out of bodily injury caused by apitherapy or medical treatment using bees shall be excluded.

Policy covers liability claims on product (honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly) related to beekeeping and incidences arising from beekeeping, such as bee stings. In addition the insurer will defend suits brought against a member in these instances, even if the suit is groundless in nature.

Policy excludes the service of honey bee swarm removal offered as a fee for service or as in-kind.

Please remember that this policy is not intended to replace insurance on your business or premises. For example, a slip and fall accident would not be insured under this policy. You must have a personal or business premises liability policy.

OBA Comprehensive General Liability price:

$115 per year for small-scale beekeepers (49 or fewer colonies)

$160 per year for commercial producers (50 or more colonies)

The policy runs on a calendar year basis. You may apply at any time but the price remains the same. It is not pro-rated when purchased outside of calendar date.

Please provide a copy of the current year's Certificate of Registration from OMAFRA which includes your Beekeeper ID number to confirm that you are currently registered as a beekeeper in Ontario.

Note: In order to process your application, OBA Admin must receive your application filled out completely, including all names you operate your honey business under, residence location (if applicable), OMAFRA Certificate and full payment. You will be insured starting January 1st (or upon receipt of your application by the OBA, if after January 1st)

Incomplete information may void your insurance coverage.

A Certificate of Insurance will be mailed to you or sent as a PDF file electronically upon request.