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Ontario Beekeeping Manual

$28.57 (+GST) 85pgs

  • Written by the Tech-Transfer Program, this manual provides information and instructions for basic beekeeping aspects. Chapters include: honey bee  biology, basic beekeeping equipment, getting started, honey production, season overview, organic beekeeping, nutrition and more! 


Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping in Ontario Manual

$23.81 (+GST) 45pgs

  • Written by the Tech-Transfer Program, this manual provides information and instructions for integrated pest management for beekeeping in Ontario. Chapters include: honey bee pests & disease biology, monitoring, detection & assessment of honey bee pests and diseases, control & prevention and more.


Ontario Introductory Queen Rearing Manual

$25.71 (+GST) 70pgs

ON Intro QR

  • Written by the Tech-Transfer Program, this manual provides information and instructions for the basic principles behind the art of producing honey bee queens. Chapters include: biology of queen rearing, queen cell production, production of mated queens, splits and nucs and much more.


Beekeeping Books

Elemental Genetics and Breeding for the Honey Bee

$20.95 (+ GST) 52pgs

  • Wrriten by Dr. Ernesto Guzman-Novoa, this book is intended to provide basic knowledge on the fundamentals of genetics, and practical ways of applying genetic principles for honey bee breeding.

Honey Bee Diseases and Pests (CAPA)

$14.29 (+ GST) 28pgs

  • Full of colour pictures and up to date information with great information about the pest and diseases that afflict the honey bee in Canada.

IPM for Healthy Bees (CHC)

$14.29 (+ GST)

  • This full colour 3x5" pocket sized booklet summarizes the cultural controls, monitoring and treatment required for managing bees for Varroa Mites, Tracheal Mites, American Foulbrood and Nosema.


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2011 Annual General Meeting (OBA)

$44.25 (+ HST)

A 4-Disc Set of presentations from the 2011 Annual General Meeting. 

  • D1 - Rod Scarlett (CHC Update), Les Eccles (TTP - Hive Beetle), Dr. Guzman and Grad Students & Paul Kozak (OMAFRA - Hive Beetle)
  • D2 - Dr. Frank Eischen (USDA - Nosema), Gary Reuter (UoM - Experimental Design) and Karen Miles (BeeMaid Update)
  • D3 - Nancy Comber (OBA - Grocery Stores), Paul Bailey (OMAFRA - Honey Regulations), Don LeDrew (ACC) & Dr. Eischen (USDA - Feeding Colonies)
  • D4 - Rebecca Metzger (Agricorp - SDRM), Gary Reuter (UoM - Drones & Mating), Janet Tam (TTP - MAQS), Ginger Reuter (Candle Making) & Paul Kozak (OMAFRA - 2011 Update)

2012 OBBA and OBA Spring Meeting (OBA)

$35.40 (+ HST)

A 5-Disc Set of presentations from the 2012 Spring Meetings. 

  • D1 - Janet Tam (TTP - ON Queen Production) & Pierre Giovenazzo (Laval - Reproductive Characteristics)
  • D2 - Paul Kelly (UoG - Buckfast Breeding), Les Eccles (TTP - Formal Breeding Program) and Heather Clark (D&G)
  • D3 - Paul Kozak (OMAFRA - Queen & Nuc Update) and Pierre Giovenazzo (Laval - IPM)
  • D4 - Doug McRory (Beekeeping) and Les Eccles (TTP - Pollination BMPs)
  • D5 - Paul Kozak (OMAFRA - 2012 Info) and Pierre Giovenazzo (Laval - Hive Beetle)

2012 Annual General Meeting (OBA)

$44.25 (+ HST)

A 4-Disc Set of presentations from the 2012 Annual General Meeting. 

  • D1 - Devan Rawn (TTP - Queen Fertility), Dr. Hamiduzzaman (UoG - Viruses), Katie Lee (BIP), Paul Kozak (OMAFRA Update) and Dr. Rene Van Acker (UoG Update)
  • D2 - Rod Scarlett (CHC Update), Les Eccles (TTP - Benefits of Pollen), Dave Mendes (US Bkpr - Year in the Life of) and Dr. Rene Van Acker (UoG - GM Trait Movement)
  • D3 - Nancy Comber (OBA), Madeleine Chagnon PhD (UQAM - Pesticides), Murray Belyk (Bayer Bee Care), Paul Kozak (OMAFRA - Bee Kill Incidents) and Katie Lee (BIP)
  • D4 - Dr. Guzman and grad students (UoG), Connie Hart (PMRA - Pesticide Incidents) and Dave Mendes (US Bkpr - Honey Bee Nutrition)

2012 Business Opportunities for Northern Blueberry Pollination Tour (OBA)

$30.97 (+ HST)

A 3-Disc Set from the 2012 AMI Business Opportunities Presentations 

  • D1 - Doug McRory (OBA), Trevor Laing (Level Plains Blueberry Farm) and Doug McRory (Pollination Management)
  • D2 - Dr. Connie Nelson (Lakehead - Cooperatives), Paul Kozak (OMAFRA) and Melanie Kempers (TTP - IPM for Pollination)
  • D3 - Les Eccles (TTP - Pollination Strategies), Dr. Rob Currie (UoM - Northern Beekeeping), Devan Rawn (TTP - Honey House Design) and Nancy Comber (OBA - Business Incentives

2013 OBBA and OBA Spring Meeting (OBA)

$35.40 (+ HST)

A 5-Disc Set of presentations from the 2013 Spring Meetings. 

  • D1 - Les Eccles (TTP - Selection & Evaluation) & Graham Parsons (TAT - SK Nuc Production)
  • D2 - Paul Kozak (OMAF - Queen & Nuc Update) & Mel Kempers (TTP - KTT)
  • D3 - Dr. Rob Currie (UoM - Selecting for Resistance) & Graham Parsons (TAT - Alternative Acaracides)
  • D4 - Nancy Comber (OBA - Promitions), Trevor Laing (Level Plains - Blueberry Production) & Les Eccles (TTP - Small Hive Beetle)
  • D5 - Paul Kozak (OMAF - 2013 Info) & Dr. Rob Currie (UoM - Honey bee Viruses)
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History of Beekeeping in Ontario

$50 donation to the OBA TTP (193pgs) - Written by Gordon F. Townsend and compiled by Henry T. Hiemstra - Email to order