Where to Buy Bees


To locate healthy, mite-resistent, Ontario-grown bees in your area, check out the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program, a program within the Ontario Beekeepers' Association, Tech-Transfer Program, that assists bee breeders to annually select, test and breed bees for mite-resistance as well as other beneficial characteristics. 

Check out this pamphlet providing detailed information about the breeders in the breeding program and how to contact them.

Note! Anyone who sells bees, queens or queen cells are required to obtain permits from apiary inspectors. Please refer to the OMAFRA website Ontario Honeybee Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producers to confirm the seller's permit status. A small sticker with the permit number must accompany each shipment. Producers are permitted to use stock only from locations free of AFB.

The folllowing lists display those who have queens, cells or nucs to sell. 

a) Members of the Ontario Bee Breeders Association - OBBA Members

b) Other places to buy bees - Bee Suppliers

c) Classified Ads

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