Apiology 101 - Online Introductory Beekeeping Course

Apiology 101 – Online Introductory Beekeeping Course.  

Sessions will run throughout the winter months.
Some information about what to expect:
The online course will cover what the hands-on workshop provides, as well as other great information pertaining to beekeeping. 
Participants will follow a series of sections, each ending with a quiz. 
Participants have 2 weeks to complete the course.
Recorded audio allows participants to listen to the text in each section.
Sections include: Bee Biology, Beekeeping Equipment, Visiting the Apiary, Getting Started, Hive Products, Queens and Nucs, Honey Harvest, Seasonal Jobs, and Feeding & Wintering.
The Introductory Beekeeping Course DOES NOT cover pests and diseases of honey bees. There will be a follow up IPM for Beekeeping Online Course in the near future.
Support via email is available during business hours and support via chat will be available on Fridays, from 9am-noon.
The cost of the course is $85 (plus hst).
Sign up online – www.apiology101.com