2014 Farms at Work - Beekeeping Mentorship Program

Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 9:00am to Friday, October 31, 2014 - 5:00pm

2014 Farms at Work Beekeeping Mentorship Program

Designed for novice beekeepers who are looking to scale up their commercial honey enterprises, the Farms at Work Beekeeping Mentorship Program provides mentees with the type of hands-on training they need in order to expand their production with confidence.  

Following the progression of the beekeeping season (between late-March and October), six qualified mentees will gather at the home apiary of our beekeeper-mentor, Jerry Jerrard, for five full field days to learn time-honoured approaches to colony management and honey/beeswax production. Ample time will be spent both in the honey house and in the bee yard, to allow for a variety of learning environments. While many of the requirements are flexible, the Beekeeping Mentorship Program is intended for novice beekeepers who have been keeping bees for a couple of years or more, and who own at least one hive of their own bees. This is to ensure that all participants have at least a basic understanding of the concepts of beekeeping, and that all participants have access to the necessary basic equipment which they will need access to throughout the duration of their mentorship.

If you don't quite meet the requirements for this year's program, but are interested in beekeeping as a commercial enterprise, we'd highly recommend that you enrol in one of the regional offerings of the Ontario Beekeepers' Association Introduction to Beekeeping, and Integrated Pest Management workshops. 

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