Introductory Hands-on Workshops



Workshop schedule will be posted in March 2023!


Did you know that propolis has antibacterial qualities, that nosema can cause low honey production or that a honey bee queen can lay 1500 eggs in a single day? Learn this and more at the workshops provided by the Tech-Transfer Program. 


Hands-on Spring Workshops Available:  

1. Introductory Beekeeping (Beginner)
2. Pest and Disease (IPM) Management for Beekeeping (Intermediate)
3. Basic Queen Rearing (Advanced - 3yrs exp+)


Each workshop is a separate one-day workshop.
Workshops take place during the months of May and June, on weekends.
Cost: $205 tax included
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Comes with a manual.
This beekeeping workshop consists of classroom sessions and hands-on lessons in the beeyard. Participants of all experience levels are welcome. Topics include basic honey bee biology, beekeeping equipment, working in the bee colony, seasonal beekeeper responsibilities, harvesting and extracting honey and preparing bee colonies for winter. Each participant will receive a copy of the Ontario Beekeeping Manual.
This intermediate beekeeping workshop consists of classroom sessions and hands-on lessons in the beeyard. Participants should have taken an Introductory Beekeeping workshop and/or have at least one season of beekeeping experience prior to attending. Topics include pest and disease biology and identification, monitoring for pests and diseases, record keeping, treatments and integrated pest management. Each participant will receive a copy of the Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping in Ontario Manual.
“QUEEN REARING” (not for beginners, must have 3yrs experience)
This advanced workshop about rearing queens consists of classroom sessions and demonstrations with hands-on lessons in the beeyard. Participants are required to have prior beekeeping knowledge and experience in maintaining colonies. Topics include queen biology, methods of rearing queens, preparing a cell builder colony, grafting techniques and care of cells and queens. Each participant will receive a copy of the Ontario Queen Rearing Manual.

N.B. Participants will need protective gear (hat, veil) and closed toed footwear. Long sleeved, light colored and light material clothing is suggested. Purchasing full bee suits is an option but they tend to be very warm. A simple bug jacket or mosquito veil will suffice. Refillable water bottles are recommended. A notebook and pencil can be handy. Cameras are welcomed.
FOR ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING WORKSHOPS including wanting a workshop in a location not listed above, PLEASE CALL THE TTP OFFICE - 519-836-3609 or EMAIL 
Cancellation Policy: Should it become necessary for you to cancel your registration, a cancellation request must be received in writing via email to or by phone @ 519-836-3609. Cancellation requests will be accepted up to the deadline time of 12:00pm noon, ten (10) business days in advance of the event. After that date there will be no refunds. Cancellations will incur an administrative cost of $15.