TTP Workshops & Courses

TTP Workshops & Courses

Hands-on Spring Workshops

(Introductory Beekeeping, IPM for Beekeeping and Introductory Queen Rearing)

All Introductory, IPM for Beekeeping and Queen Rearing Workshops are completed for 2017.
Dates and locations for 2018 will be posted in March. Registration takes place at that time.
Each workshop is a separate one-day workshop. They take place in multiple locations throughout Ontario.
Workshops take place during the months of May and June.
Lunch: Provided with registration fee. Coffee and snacks also included.
Comes with a Manual.
Check out the Spring Hands-on Workshop page for more information.

Advanced Winter Workshops

(Advanced Queen Breeding, Advanced IPM & Advanced Pollination Services)

TTP has a selection of Advanced Workshops available for established beekeepers.

Each workshop is a separate one-day workshop.
Workshops will take place in off-season months (winter).
Lunch is provided. 
Comes with a manual.
Check out the Advanced Workshops page for Winter 2018 schedule and more information.

Online Courses 

Based on our popular live training sessions, the online module takes you through the basics of beekeeping. 
Courses are presented in sessions throughout the year and are monitored and supported by the TTP.
Participants will interact with the Tech Transfer members as they navigate and learn from a compelling and intuitive online course (no hands-on aspects).

An Online Introductory Beekeeping Course as well as an IPM for Beekeeping Course are available. See Apiology101 for more information.

For any Further Questions regarding WORKSHOPS, Please call the TTP Office - 519-836-3609 or EMAIL