Apiology 101 - Online Beekeeping Courses



Course 1 - Apiology 101 – Online Introductory Beekeeping.  

This beginner beekeeping course consists of modules that teach you everything you need to know to get started keeping your own bees. Topics include basic honey bee biology, beekeeping equipment, working in the bee colony, seasonal beekeeper responsibilities, harvesting and extracting honey and preparing bee colonies for winter. There is approximately 12 hours of learning involved.
The Introductory Beekeeping Course DOES NOT cover pests and diseases of honey bees. There is a follow up Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping Online Course.

Course 2 - Apiology 101 – Online Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping  

This intermediate beekeeping workshop consists of modules that teach you everything you need to know to keep your bees alive and healthy. Topics include pest and disease biology and identification, monitoring for pests and diseases, record keeping, treatments and integrated pest management principles. You will also learn how to make an IPM plan. There is approximately 10 hours of learning involved.

Some information about what to expect for each course:

Sessions are self-guided. Participants have 90 days to complete the course once it has begun.
The online course will cover what the hands-on workshop provides, as well as other great information pertaining to beekeeping. 
Participants will follow a series of sections, each ending with a quiz. 
Support via email is available during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5).

The cost of each course is $96 (hst incl).


For any Further Questions regarding WORKSHOPS, Please call the TTP Office - 519-836-3609 or EMAIL ttp@ontariobee.com