Apiology 101 - Online Introductory Beekeeping Course

Apiology 101 – Online Introductory Beekeeping Course.  

Sessions will run throughout the winter months.
Some information about what to expect:
The online course will cover what the hands-on workshop provides, as well as other great information pertaining to beekeeping. 
Participants will follow a series of sections, each ending with a quiz. 
Participants have 2 weeks to complete the course.
Recorded audio allows participants to listen to the text in each section.
Sections include: Bee Biology, Beekeeping Equipment, Visiting the Apiary, Getting Started, Hive Products, Queens and Nucs, Honey Harvest, Seasonal Jobs, and Feeding & Wintering.
The Introductory Beekeeping Course DOES NOT cover pests and diseases of honey bees. There will be a follow up IPM for Beekeeping Online Course in the near future which will cover all the aspects of the current pests and diseases honey bees face in Ontario.
Support via email is available during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5) and support via chat will be available on Fridays, from 9am-noon.
The cost of the course is $85 (plus hst).
Sign up online – www.apiology101.com