Membership Categories

Become a memberWhether you are new to beekeeping, a seasoned veteran or an industry supporter, the OBA has a membership plan for you.

All plans have access to member benefits including voting and membership in the Canadian Honey Council (CHC). (The Canadian Honey Council’s (CHC) mandatory fees are included.) All memberships include the Ontario Bee Journal and the CHC’s Hivelights magazine.

Young or new beekeeper:
If you are a beekeeper under the age of 30 or have three years or less beekeeping experience this plan is for you. 


Small-scale beekeeper:
If you have fewer than or 50 active colonies this plan is for you.


Larger or Commercial beekeeper:
If you have 50 or more active colonies, this plan is for you.

$85 plus
$1 per hive

Industry/supplier/supporter membership: If you are a supplier to beekeepers or your work relates to the beekeeping industry; or if you are a non-beekeeper wishing to support the objectives of OBA, this plan is for you.