Honey Showcase Project

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Calling all Ontario Beekeepers! Have you ever dreamt of having your honey displayed for all to see at one of the largest Agricultural Events in Canada? Join the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association (OBA) in promoting and educating the public on the uniqueness and diversity of Ontario Honey at the upcoming 101st Royal Winter Fair in Toronto Ontario from November 3-12, 2023.

Through the creation and installation of a large wooden Honey Showcase at the OBA Booth at the upcoming 2023 Royal Winter Fair the aim of this project will be to; 

  • Provide a physical example of the spectrum of colours, flavours and textures of honey across Ontario 
  • Promote Ontario Honey as a desirable consumer product
  • Help connect beekeepers with potential customers
  • Create beekeeper to beekeeper collaboration
- Online registration is optional. You do not need to enter your information if you do not wish to.
- Physical labels may be included with the jar but ON THE LID or BOTTOM ONLY (keep sidewalls clear).
- Flavour profiles of your submitted honey is optional. It is encouraged to include one but not mandatory.
"Meet The Keeper" Campaign
While filling out the online registration you will come upon a question asking if you wish to participate in the Meet the Keeper Campaign.
What is the Meet the Keeper Campaign?
  • Video recorded interviews highlighting Ontario Beekeepers
  • Featuring 5 beekeepers from different regions of the province (Eastern, Central, Northern, Western and Southern)
  • Participants are selected via lottery draw
  • Selected participants will then receive interview questions and video parameters sent from the OBA
  • Edited videos (by the OBA) will then be shared on the OBA media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.
  • Interviews would be shared on Mondays under the title "Meet the Keeper Monday"