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Pollination Provider Required-machine harvest cucumber crop

Geoff McMullen,TVF Farms Inc (519)352-0686 cell(519)359-8795

TVF Farms Inc. of Chatham Ontario is looking for pollination services for 2014 season, from approx July 1st
-September 1st, for our machine harvest cucumber crop.
Do to increase in contract acres this year and our local apiary is unable to supply us with our entire requirement.Grower fields are located North and East of Chatham, and eastward to Thamesville. Fields are planted at 70,000 plants/acre, denser than the hand-picked crop at 15,000 plants/acre.We have covered (tomato plug) trailers and are willing to transport them if desired. We are interested in renting 200 to 300 hives, having approximately 100 hives per group.

Please contact me at the particulars below if someone happens to have interest as we are feeling very worried about the ability to meet our production goals right now with the current climate surrounding bees in the province.Contact:Geoff McMullen,TVF Farms Inc(519)352-0686 cell(519)359-8795

Wanted:full size supers with full drawn comb in frames

Reg Lumley 519-464-3326

Wanted:full size supers with full drawn comb in frames.Contact:Reg Lumley, Sarnia, ON (519)464-3326

2014 Quality queens & cells,comb honey producing box, winter wraps

Greater Toronto Area
Dao Wang-Royal Bee(647)236-6886

2014 quality queens and cells available.Volume discount for queen cells. Large orders welcome.As royal jelly producers, we are proficient at grafting.We can graft thousands of larvae,one person per day. Grafting the right age larvae without hurting any of them is crucial for quality queens.

Contact:  Dao(647)236-6886


For sale:2014 Spring Nucs Available

Mahmoud Elzeftawi(613)839 9990

Available for shipping/picking-up last week of May 2014 with Italian, mite resistant, hygienic, naturally mated queens from California. 1-9 nucs is $160, 10-49 $150, 50+ is $135. Ontario Nuc box included in the price, limited quantity left, For more information please, phone (613)839-9990

Bee yard Location Available-Lindsay region

Lindsay(close to Little Britain)
Harry Stoddart (705)786-7705

560 certified organic acres in one block just outside Lindsay,close to Little Britain. Two thirds of the land is in permanent pasture managed with intensive rotational grazing. Good clover stand that is always in bloom. Remaining one third is river,bush & wetland. Please contact if interested in placing a bee yard on property.

Harry Stoddart(705)786-7705 email

For Sale:Pollen Fresh Frozen

University of Guelph,Guelph,ON
Paul Kelly (519)836-8897

For sale:Pollen-fresh frozen,80 pounds, contact:Paul Kelly, U of G (519)836-8897 email:pgkelly@uoguelph

For sale:"Bee Builder"Pollen Patty Sale

Port Hope,ON
Todd (905)753-2623

For Sale:"Bee Builder"pollen patty sale.$1.39 each, minimum 100 or buy a pallet of 2,100 patties for $1.26 each.Contact Todd (905)753-2623 Visit our website


For Sale: Old Beekeeping Books


Selling my collection of beekeeping books, including copy of Dzierzon Rational Bee-Keeping-1882.
Send e-mail to receive full list and prices.

For Sale: Quality Woodenware

Henry: (519) 338-2442

Quality Woodenware available through Cedarwood Honey. Deep and shallow finger jointed supers (select, commercial and budget), frames, bee escapes, bottom boards, inner covers, and telescopic lids.
Competitive for more info.

For Sale: Hives

Blake Hardy(613)827-2373

Hives available mid June, minimim order of $1,000.

  • Single hives for sale-$180. each
  • Double Hives for sale-$250. each

Contact:Blake Hardy(613)827-2373

Wanted:Large quantities of fresh frozen pollen (long term business opportunity)

Biobest Canada -Bernie Mantay(519)322-2178 (519)999-1138

Wanted: Large Quantities of Fresh Frozen Pollen (Potential L/T Business Opportunity)

Biobest Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biobest NV, is a global leading authority in biological pollination and pest control.

Biobest Canada is seeking to restructure its pollen purchase program and as such has a number of opportunities for suppliers of high-quality, high-protein pollen in North America. We prefer Canadian-sourced, fresh frozen pollen, but will consider freeze-dried pollen sources.

Immediately for up to 10,000 pounds of pollen from your inventory

Annually for up to 30,000 pounds of pollen.

 Biobest would like to develop long-term partnerships with three to five high-integrity bee keepers.Contact: Bernie Mantay,Plant; Tel: 519-322-2178; Cell: 519-999-1138

For sale:2014 Nucs, queens and queen cells

Port Hope, ON
Todd Kalisz-Dancing Bees Apiaries (905)753-2623

For Sale: 2014-strong, high quality four frame nucs.Queens and queen cells avaible for pick up. Contact:Todd Kalisz-Dancing Bee Apiaries (905)753-2623 email:

For sale:White clover honey by the barrel

Richard Issaac (519)638-5731 or cell(519)584-5731

For sale:white clover honey by the barrel. Contact: Richard Isaac (519)638-5731 cell(519)584-5731

For sale:Four frame nucs available May 2014, queen cells, mated queens

Portland, On
Phil Laflamme (613) 272-2091

For Sale: Four frame nucs available in May 2014. Queen cells ready for pick-up in June and July. Mated queens shipped June through September. Contact: Highlands Honey, 6-Z2 Old Kingston Rd., Portland, ON K0G 1V0


For Sale:Buckfast two frame & three frame Nucs with overwintered Queen

Reg Lumley (519)464-3326

For Sale:Buckfast two frame,three frame & four frame Nucs with overwintered Queens.Contact:  Reg Lumley(519)464-3326

For sale: Quality spring nucs, hives, queens and cells

Chatsworth, ON
Chatsworth Honey (519)794-3335

For sale:  Quality spring nucs, hives, queens and cells.  Active member of ORHBS since 1992. 

Chatsworth Honey (519)794-3335 visit  Chattyqueens speak for themselves!

For Sale: 500 Hives, Nuc's, Queen's, Queen cells

Owen Sound area
Geoff & Gabriela (519)372-2046

For Sale: 500 Hives, Nuc's, Queen's, Queen cells!

Eazyloader 300,spinfloat Cooks and Beal also available

Contact:Georgian Bay Honey- Geoff or Gabriela (519)372-2046

Dancing Bee Equipment Sales

  • Budget box sale, finger joint 100 for $8.99 each
  • deep one piece plastic frames 1,000 for $1.79 each
  • Wholesale pricing available on all beekeeping supplies

Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies

Toledo, ON
(613) 275-1112

Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies - Beekeeping equipment and supplies. Beeswax and bee pollen bought and sold.

Propolis - etc... Beekeeping Supplies

Carleton Place,Guelph, Toronto locations to serve you better
Carleton Place (613) 253-2337 Guelph (519) 763-7291 Toronto 416-783-2818



Propolis - etc ... Beekeeping Supplies "we will match all competitor regular pricing for identical products"

Three location in Ontario to serve all your beekeeping needs!  Give us a phone call.

HIVE 'N HOE Country Store

Kincardine, Ontario

HIVE 'N HOE Country Store - full line of beekeeping supplies. Winter hours 10-5 Friday, 10-2 Saturday or by appointment. Seasonal Mon-Sat 10-5.  Honey prepackaged or by the barrel. Order now for spring nucs and queen cells. Contact us for more information and to order.

Szabo Queens - Quality Queens

Tibor Szabo (519) 836-5617 or (519) 763-2715

Szabo Queens - Quality Queens, Queen cells, nucs and hives available for 2014.