Got a Swarm of Honey Bees?

Do you have a swarm of honey bees on your property?

Swarming is an instinctive part of the annual life cycle of a honey bee colony. It provides a mechanism for the colony to reproduce itself. Honey bees in a swarm are generally docile and not inclined to sting or attack, and they will usually leave within a few days on their own for a more permanent location.

However, if you have a swarm of honey bees that has permanently settled, or you are anxious to have it removed, you can contact a local beekeeper who may be able to remove the bees without killing them. To locate a beekeeper:

1.  Check to see if the swarm or nest is honey bees. If not honey bees please contact your local pest management company.

Helpful Bee Identification Chart links:

2.  Find a local beekeeping association in Ontario. Some of their websites will post contact information of local beekeepers who can help with swarms.
3.  Look in the Yellow Pages under BEEKEEPER or HONEY.
4.  Contact any of the following organizations which provide swarm or nest removal for a quote.


Honey Bee Swarm and Hive Removal

Ontario Bee Rescue
Free Honey Bee Swarm and Hive Removal
Locations: Southwestern Ontario
Contact: Bruce Richardson

See:  or

Please view site to confirm identity of honey bees (versus other kinds of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, etc.) prior to calling.

View list of beekeepers willing to remove honey bee swarms or nests and contact them directly.


Registered Ontario beekeepers will remove open, accessible swarms of honey
bees for free. They will provide a quote for the live removal of swarms or
hives enclosed in buildings, walls, etc.

Ontario Bee Rescue is dedicated to saving the honey bees and the humane
removal and relocation of honey bee swarms and established honey bee
colonies in Ontario.

Toronto Bee Rescue
Location: Greater Toronto Area
Contact: Peter Chorabik
Phone: 416 809-5669
Email: to get a quote.

Toronto Bee Rescue specializes in the removal of honey bee swarms and established honey bee hives. We perform live honey bee hive removals. Contact us for a quote.

Tri-Cities Bee Rescue
Location: Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and area (within about 100 km)
Contact: Mike Barber
Phone: 519 362-7954 (cell)
Website: under construction
See Facebook:

Tri-Cities Bee Rescue is a partnership of OBA member beekeepers who recover accessible swarms of honey bees at no cost or honey bees located in structures that require cut-outs (for which a quote will be provided). They also work closely with a pest removal service that handles calls about wasps, yellow-jackets and hornets.