2018 AGM & Conference - London

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Dr. Pierre Giovenazzo, Université Laval, Apimondia 2019
Jessica Kelly, AgriFood Management Institute, OMAFRA
Vince Aloyo, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Apiculture and Urban/Suburban Sustainability, Temple University
Dan Heffernan, President, Middlesex Oxford Elgin Beekeepers Association
Lenka Petric, Secretary, Central Ontario Beekeepers’ Association
Dennis Edell, Chair, OBA Issues Management Committee
Albert Devries, OBA’s Delegate to CHC
Dr. Renata Borba, Post-doctoral Fellow, UBC; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
OBA Tech-Transfer Program
Les Eccles, OBA Tech-Transfer Program Lead Specialist
Dr. Shelley Hoover, President, CAPA; Apiculture Researcher, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Dr. Patricia Wolfe-Veiga, Dr. Stephen Pernal, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Presented to the OBA Board of Directors
Stephen Page, Sector Specialist, Horticulture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Lauren Gould, Fanshawe College