2019 AGM & Conference - Burlington

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Queen Banking

Andree Rousseau, MSc, CRSAD

Tech-Transfer Update

Les Eccles, Lead, OBA Tech-Transfer Program

2019 Issues Update at OBA Annual General Meeting

Dennis Edell, Chair, OBA Issues Management Committee

Canadian Honey Council Report

Albert Devries, OBA’s Delegate to CHC

Road to Slovakia - Kawartha Junior Beekeepers

Lenka Petric, Secretary, Central Ontario Beekeepers’ Association

Honey Fraud

Rod Scarlett, Executive Director, Canadian Honey Council

Selecting Quality Drones

Andree Rousseau, MSc, CRSAD

Pesticide Risks to Pollinators

Stuart Arkett, Director, Quadro Communications

Beekeeper Spotlight - Maplebee Nectar Inc

Steve Lawrence, Dare to Dream Farm