Ontario Nuc Box Program

The Ontario Nuc Box is a lightweight but strong nuc shipping box made of 3 mm polypropylene (corrugated plastic similarto the winter wraps) that is rain resistant and can be left in the beeyard. Nuc producers will have more time to prepare large orders and to accommodate pick up more easily. 

There are two ventilation holes, one at the front and back of the box. Bug screen (not included) can be taped, glued or stapled between the two full end pieces of the box. These flaps are tucked under the lid of the box when in use. 
Inside the bottom of the box are frame restraints which keep the frames stable in their proper position. 

This nuc box can also be used when making splits and catching swarms. This box is proudly made in Ontario of #5 plastic so it can be recycled through the blue box program. (does not come with bees)

Please note that Ontario Nuc Boxes are also sold at some local beekeeping supply stores in Ontario.

Orders for 2024 have been completed. 


There are 2 places where you can pick up the nuc boxes. Cornwall or Fergus. You may also be able to pick up your order at the Spring Meeting.


  • Individual orders are NOT SHIPPED directly to you. Nuc boxes can only be picked up.
  • There are 2 sizes of nuc boxes. 4-frame and 5-frame sized.
  • There are 2 places where you can pick up the nuc boxes. Cornwall or Fergus. You can indicate your choice through a link to a google form after your purchase is complete, in the purchase confirmation email.
  • Fergus pickups will be Apr 13 and Apr 20, from 11-4pm.

Bulk Order Options

If you are are looking to purchase a larger, bulk order of nuc boxes, or you are from outside of Ontario, please contact Melanie K directly at info@ontariobee.com.

Contact OBA for more information.