Polypropolene Winter Hive Wrap Program

In 2007, Jim Coneybeare and Diane Krout of the Wellington County Beekeepers organized the manufacture of these wraps and have made them available to Ontario Beekeepers each year since then, with proceeds supporting the OBA Tech-Transfer Research Program. 

These wraps are made of 4mm black polypropylene (corrugated plastic) with 5% U.V. protection. Polypropylene Copolymer is used for indoor and outdoor signs and packaging. They are lightweight and are designed to fold and store flat. Polypropylene has been tested to have little water absorption in 24 hours - .02% compared with 75% for (presumably unwaxed) cardboard in 50% relative humidity. It will withstand temperature extremes from -17F to 230F. Folds have a living hinge of 21,000 cycles.

You can see how the wraps are placed on the hive in this UoG HBRC Video. The winter wrap is introduced at 12:28 (Ignore Dave when he says Waterloo).

Orders for 2023 are complete. Stay tuned for orders for 2024.

There are 2 places where you can pick up the wraps. Cornwall or Fergus.

For more information, please see this information sheet, also found below. 

  • Individual orders are NOT SHIPPED directly to you. Wraps can only be picked up.
  • There are 2 places where you can pick up the wraps. Cornwall or Fergus. You can indicate your choice through a link to a google form after your purchase is complete, in the purchase confirmation email.
  • Fergus pickups will be Oct 21 and Oct 28, from 11-4pm.
  • 2 & 4-Hive Wraps require modified upper lids.
  • Wraps are designed for standard Langstroth hive dimensions (10-frame).
  • If unsure which wrap you need, please reach out.

Bulk Order Options

If you are are looking to purchase a larger, bulk order of wraps, or you are from outside of Ontario, please contact Melanie K directly at info@ontariobee.com.

Contact OBA for more information.