Honey Labels

Curious what is needed on your honey label?

Grade, Container and Label Requirements for Honey in Ontario

100% Ontario Honey Logo

The 100% Ontario Honey logo is made available for Ontario beekeepers to download and use or pass onto a label designer or graphic artist.

Please review and follow the right-of-use guidelines, before downloading and using these files!

     100% Ontario Honey Logo (high resolution jpg file)

     100% Ontario Honey Logo (high resolution eps file)

Standard Nutritional Facts Label for Honey

Here is a nutritional label template that can be downloaded and used if you agree that your product fits the description as being standard honey. If there are any other ingredients that have been added to the product or you are making any claims that your product provides additional nutritional value, then it will be your responsibility to have your product tested and have customized nutritional value labels produced for your product. 

Nutritional Facts Table PDF - standard size

Nutritional Facts Table PDF - full page size

Nutritional Facts Table EPS

Label Suppliers 

OBA Round and Tamper Evident Stickers

100% Ontario Honey Round Stickers and Tamper Evident Stickers can be purchased through Dominion & Grimm 

Dominion and Grimm Orders

Dominion and Grimm has a wide variety of packaging and honey labels to choose from. 100% Ontario honey label templates are ready to include your company name and address. Dominion & Grimm labels meet all government label regulations. By clicking the link below it will bring you directly to their packaging brochure. Honey Packaging can be found starting on page 20.

See a range of products here