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Mead – The Best Drink You’ve Never Tried

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Mead has been compared to cider, wine or even beer, but in reality, it stands alone. It is a very broad and diverse alcoholic honey-based beverage. Mead is an ancient drink, often with a medieval reputation, and frequently cited as the first alcoholic beverage. To make mead, mix local, straight-from-the-hive Ontario honey with high-quality water (add some yeast if so desired) and let it delicately ferment. That makes it sound like it’s easy, but there’s definitely an art to it. 
  • Traditional mead is simply honey and water. 
  • A mead that adds fruit is called a melomel.
  • Mead that is made with barley malt is called a braggot.
  • A pyment is a mead made with added grapes.
  • A mead mixed with apples is known as a cyser.
  • Metheglin is a mead made with spices and/or herbs.
  • Bochet is a type of mead made from honey that has been caramelized (Yum!).
  • A mead that is less than 7.5% in alcohol is deemed a session mead (best served chilled in good company).

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