2022 OBA Preliminary Winterloss Survey

We've been hearing a lot of reports of colony losses already this year, and although there is still many days before the season will truly begin, we'd like to hear what you've seen so far. These past few days of warm weather has likely given you a chance to check on your bees.

We are just trying to get a feel for how things look for 2022. If there is an issue the OBA needs to address, we'd like to have some preliminary information that will help direct our strategies. Your input is greatly appreciated and very beneficial to providing insight for the industry.
Please take part in this basic winterloss survey. This survey does not replace the official OMAFRA winterloss survey, which is used for provincial, national and research statistics and purposes, but we do like to see what is happening in Ontario with our members and followers.

Click on the link below to submit your info.
Participate in the 2022 OBA Winterloss Survey