November 2013

OBA Video: A beekeeper and an industry under threat

Take a look at this new video that the OBA has produced to show the impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on a third generation beekeeping family.

URGENT! LAST CALL to respond to CFIA's discussion paper to protect our borders

A reminder that the deadline is Monday, so let CFIA know you agree with their position that the risks to Canada's bees are too great if we open the

Statistical Overview of the Canadian Honey Industry 2012

Nature World News: Queen bees send signals of sexual history to worker bees

Queen bees communicate their reproductive status and sexual history to worker bees, according to a new study, which sug

Canadian Wildlife: As the buzz fades

By Brian Banks.

Canada should follow EU to prevent bee deaths: UK expert


Western Producer: High bee losses reduce honey output, send prices up

Financial Times: There is no Plan Bee for when we run out of pollinators


Ontario Farmer: Five Facts About Neonicotinoids

Dear editor:

New poll results show 82% of Ontarians support suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides

A new public opinion poll released today finds that more than eight out of every ten people in Ontario support a ban on pesticides linked by scient

Opportunity to respond to CFIA's risk assessment on the importation of honey bees.

In April of this year the OBA submitted a letter to CFIA stating our case against opening the Canadian border to package bees from the United State

CTV: Beekeepers says government agencies aren't acting on apparent cause of bee deaths (VIDEO)

CTV London 

Pesticide link to bee deaths sure to sting: Chatham Daily News

This one is sure to sting.

Protect the bees, protect the environment

MUSKOKA – The buzz swarming southern bee farms this year wasn’t the happy sound of eager honeybees going about their busines

Neonicotinoids in Quebec, PowerPoint from Government of Quebec

From PPt presentation from Government of Quebec: