November 2012

Pesticide exposure and bees

New research published in Nature Magazine indicates combined pesticide exposure severely affects individual- and colony-level traits in bees.

Government pushes back timeline for deregulation of food container sizes

The Conservative government has pushed back a plan to deregulate food container sizes this fall after getting an earful from local processors and f

The Pesticide Action Network

Buglife and the National Farmers Union testify before the UK’s Environmental Audit Committee.

Australia releases its Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Plan for beekeepers

Mexico’s honey producers lose court battle against Montsanto

Plans for Genetically Modified Seeds Spur Protest In Costa Rica


Announces the launch of a new website dedicated to best management practices for crop pollination.

Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine

Provides stewardship advice to farmers on how to protect pollinators from corn seeding.

Nova Scotia Bee Ban Amended with More Inspection Fees

CBC reports The Nova Scotia government wants to make it easier for bees to be imported to the province.