December 2012

Report from European Parliament on Pesticide Research

The European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety released a report this month "Existing Scientific Evidence of the

Honey Bee Importation Rules Relaxed in PEI

A growing blueberry industry on P.E.I. has prompted the government to allow the importing of honey bees from more places than just Nova Scotia.

Latest Canadian Trade Reports for Honey

Statistics Canada has released the latest figures for Canadian Domestic Exports of Honey. 

Stats Canada Releases the Production Value of Honey for 2012

Canadian beekeepers produced 90.9 million pounds of honey in 2012, a 13.8% increase from 2011.

Amendments to Regulation 57 General Under the Bees Act

OMAFRA is asking for feedba

BBC: Honey Bees' Genetic Code Unlocked

Researchers say they have unlocked the genetic secrets to honey bees' high sensitivity to environmental change.

Feds Announce Growing Forward 2 Program

Federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture have reached agreement on the five-year Growing Forward

Ontario Farmer Magazine: The Smoking Gun?

Attached is PDF of an article from Ontario Farmer about the spring 2012 bee losses.  Read more:

The Folly of Big Agriculture, Why Nature Always Wins

Thanks to Member John Van Blyderveen for this article from Yale Environment 360.

Agenda for American Bee Research Conference

Looks like a great conference in Hershey, Penn. January 8 to 12th.