November 2014

Sault Star: Pesticide ban not the bee's knees

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York Region: Ontario honeybee plan sweet news to some in King Township

Ontario’s beekeepers got some sweet

PMRA Update on Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Bee Health

Interim report now available.


The Wellington Advertiser: Proposed neonicotioid rules creating a buzz across province

By Meagan Leonard

Orangeville Banner: Province looks to take the buzz out of neonicotinoid pesticides

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Western Producer: Ont. farmers balk at neonic reduction plan

By Robert Arnason  

Windsor Star: Ontario pro-bee pesticide plan hailed and denounced

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Grain News: Ontario proposes deep cuts for farmers' neonic use by 2017

Toronto Star: Ontario moves toward curbing pesticide blamed for bee deaths

G&M: Ontario to restrict use of pesticide linked to bee deaths

 By Eric Atkins

CTV covers the new restrictions on neonics. VIDEO

OBA media release:Beekeepers support Ontario's plans to reduce neonicotinoid use on corn and soy by 80%

MEDIA RELEASE            

OBA's 2014 Annual Report now available on line

How will your hives do this winter? A handy tool for you.

Check out this handy checklist from th

New farm group forming to fight regulations to control neonics. OFA considering joining.

Farmers sh

Better Farming: Neonic study results, political directions at odds.

As Ontario

Science Magazine: The trouble with neonicotinoids

Francisco Sanchez-Bayo

New research: Neonicotinoid contamination of global surface waters and associated risk to aquatic invertebrates: A review

OMAFRA Minister Leal to address OBA AGM

G&M Canadian Doctors and Nurses Urge Ban on Neonicotinoid Insecticides

CBC's Amanda Lang show does great piece on neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoid seed treatments under microscope

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released results of a peer-reviewed study on neonicotinoid seed treatments on soybeans.

Modern Farmer: Are these nicotine-like insecticides killing bees?

Four hundred miles away, Brighton, England’s Stanmer Park — a nature reserve reached by a narrow, dirt road not far from the University of Sussex —

Latest OBA newsletter available: Class action lawyers clarify misinformation

Congratulations to Newfoundland for establishing their first beekeeper association

The group held its inaugural meeting in Corner Brook Thursday evening and hopes to grow into an advocate for the importance of bees in the environm

Climate change is disrupting flower pollination, research shows.

by Damien Carrington  

OBA responds to PMRA proposed registration of Flupyradifurone

Call for nominations to the OBA Board of Directors

The OBA is seeking board members for terms starting November 2015.

New research: Diet affects pesticide resistance in honey bees.

By Sara LaJeunesse

Escapes with Nigel: Take a bee yard tour with Adam, Peter and Tibor

Interesting, informative and fun tour with TV show Escapes with Nigel.