August 2013

Dying bees a rallying cry for citizen action

ByRob O’Flanagan

ELORA — During a public forum Wednesday, a relatively new class of pesticides wit

CAPA Winterloss Statement 2013: Ont. 37.9% loss

CAPA Statement on Honey Bee Loses in Canada (2013) - can be read on the website -

Thunder Bay Beekeepers Seek Federal Ban

THUNDER BAY - The loss of bees in Canada and around the world is a puzzle with huge implications. The Thunder Bay Beekeepers’ Association, represen

Latest OBA Newsletter out: How's your mite load?

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New research: Exposure to multiple cholinergic pesticides impairs olfactory learning and memory in honey bees.

Summary: Pesticides are important agricultural tools often used in combination to avoid resistance in target pest spe

The Guardian: DDT 2.0

We’re just beginning to understand the wider impacts of neonicotinoids.

Better Farming: Wynne wants quick review of neonicotinoid seed treatments


NY Times: Crop scientists say biotechnology see companies are thwarting research

Biotechnology companies are keeping university scientists from fully researching the effectiveness and environmental impact of the industry’s genet

BBC: What's killing our bees (VIDEO)

An open letter to farmers from OBA Pres. Dan Davidson

Dear friends,

Winter Hive Wrap Program

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Video of the Month - Available for OBA Members

The OBA TTP Video of the Month section of the website is providing a link to an informative video recorded at one of the past OBA conferences or me

CTV: The Plight of the Honey Bees

Tibor Szabo, vice president of Ontario Beekeepers Association, discusses the loss in bee population in Canada.

G&M: No honey, more problems: a 'catastrophic' year for bee colonies

Freezing temperatures, killer parasites, toxic chemicals: The plight of honey bees is getting worse in many parts of the world and no one seems to

Frogs ingest pesticides from agriculture fields 100 miles a day: LA Times