October 2012

A study conducted by neurobiologists at the Free University of Berlin

shows slumber-deprived bees take longer to consolidate new memories and recall recent experiences.

US Trade Commission to Review Chinese Honey Tariffs

Scheduling of an expedited five-year review concerning the antidumping duty order on honey from China.

Fungus fights deadly bee mites in a two-pronged attack

A fungus normally used to control insect pests may help honey bees protect themselves from a destructive mite by both infecting the mites and preve

A new study

suggests that the reason worker bees are such a highly skilled and specialized workforce is that the genes controlling their behavior are re-shuffl

Genetic Remix Key to Evolution of Bee Behaviour

Researchers have discovered that honey bees can bite as well as sting and that the bite contains a natural anesthetic.

Secrets of the Museum

Historical Insect Collections Reveal Several Bee Species in Decline.