June 2015

Grain farmers want to delay new rules on pesticides linked to bee deaths: Beacon Herald

by Debora Van Brenk      

OBA Bulletin: What to do if you are asked to sign a waiver of liability by a farmer

Since we sent out our newsletter a couple of days ago we have heard from a few beekeepers who have received concerned calls from farmers hesitant t

Submission Stakeholder Consultation: Protecting Pollinators, Rebuilding Public Trust

PMRA releases figures on bee kill reports related to corn planting

PMRA has released two charts related to bee incident report since 2012.

Latest bee deaths fuel ongoing debate: The London Free Press

Media Release: Grain Farmers threaten bees with return to foliar spraying

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Ontario first in North American to curb bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticide: Toronto Star

Ontario seeks to cut use of neonicotinoids, known to be toxic to bees. CTV

Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press 

Farmers and beekeepers react to regulations over neonicotinoids

Ont. government releases new regs on control of neonicotinoids

The Ontario government has released the new regulations for the control of neonicotinoid pesticides on Ontario's corn and soy crops. 

OBA attends briefing by V.Chair of Worldwide Assessment on Systemic Pesticides

Two OBA directors attended a breakfast briefing for MPP's by Dr.