August 2015

European Food Safety Authority confirms foliar use of neonicotinoids risk to bees

Six more small hive beetle reports in Niagara

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August 21, 2015

OBA Bulletin on small hive beetle reports in Niagara

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Toronto Star: Oslo's lesson- Bee friendly or bee dead

Rolling Stone: The Bee Killers

Italy's ban on neonicotinoids effective, UofG conference told

SHB Sightings in Niagara

OBA has been notified this week of two more SHB reports in an area adjacent to the original sighting in Niagara and located in non-commercial beeya

Ontario gets down to bees-ness

CBC Bee crisis: Are mites or neonics the real culprit?

EAS Conference Programme now available

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Rapeseed flourishes in UK without neonicotinoid seeds

Pesticides found in most pollen collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts: Phys Org

More than 70% of pollen and honey samples collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts contain at least one neonicotinoid, a class of pesticide th