May 2013

EU regulator suspects BASF insecticide of harming bees: G&M

The European Union’s food safety regulator has added a BASF insecticide to the list of crop chemicals it suspects of playing a role in declining be

Gene that helps honey bees find flowers (and get back home) discovered

May 29, 2013 — Honey bees don't start out knowing how to find flowers or even how to get around outside the hive.

CTV Evening News Barrie: What's happening with our bees?


May 23rd from minute 9:09

May 24th from minute 9:48

Beekeeper discusses unusual bee losses during corn planting

In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host, June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Tom Theobald talk to commercial beekeeper, Ste

OBA letter to Toronto Star re: Best Practices Not Enough

Re: Editorial: Ontario bees need swift action to save them from killer insecticides 

Message from the Provincial Apiarist re: bee imports and exports

Dear Beekeeper,

Toronto Star Editorial: Ontario bees need swift action to save them from killer insecticides

The humble honey bee and its cousins play a

Western Producer: Canadian beekeepers welcome EU neonicotinoid pesticide ban

The European Union’s decision to ban a class of insecticides that potentially threaten bees is welcome news, says the president of the Ontario Beek

The Western Producer: No yield benefit from neonicotinoids

An American entomologist is questioning the effectiveness of planting seed coated with neonicotinoids.

CBC The National: The Big Buzz About Bees

Story starts at about minute 16. Watch

Proceedings from Standing Committee on Ag related to bee deaths

Letter from CFIA confirming restriction on US imports


Global News: Bee deaths 'a disaster in the making'

Last spring, beekeeper Dan Davidson of Watford, Ontario, went out to check on his honeybee hives, which house 1500 colonies.

London Free Press: Pesticides linked to bee deaths

Ontario beekeepers are crossing their fingers as they worry spring planting might bring a repeat of widespread bee deaths they blame on a group of

The Star: Ontario beekeepers want pesticide ban as hive populations decline

Dan Davidson’s bees are dying, and by the thousands.

CBC: Canada wrestles with bee-killing crop pesticides

Canadians beekeepers, farmers and regulators are wrestling with how to protect bees from popular pesticides that were partially banned in Europe th

USDA Report on the National Stakeholders Conference on Honey Bee Health released

Washington Post: Why are bees dying? The US and Europe have different theories

The mysterious collapse of bee colonies around the world has turned into a real crisis.

OBA PRESS RELEASE: Ontario Beekeepers call for the suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides


Ontario beekeepers call for the suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides