May 2015

The Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry releases report on bee health

Canada five years behind Europe in banning pesticides: CBC

Read OBA's latest newsletter: OBA board members appointed to Pesticides Advisory Committee

Banning neonics will have smaller impact on agriculture than industry estimates: leaked draft report.

Banning neonics will have a minimal effect on corn and soybean yields, an internal federal government draft report shows.

OBA does not support the National Honey Bee Health Survey

CBC: Bee-killing pesticides: The fight ramps up

US summer and winter bee colony losses 42%

US releases its multi-pronged plan for bees and pollinators

Heavy on 'needs more research', etc.

PA Paul Kozak's Annual Report 2014

OBA newsletter: winter loss survey results

Read OBA's best estimate based survey results from 411 Ontario beekeepers.

Better, but still twice what is acceptable.