December 2014

New law should keep honey bees pollinating: North Bay Nippissing News


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your hives must be registered by December 31st to be eligible for compensation in 2015

If you haven't received your renewal from OMAFRA or you are a new beekeeper you can find the forms here:

National Farmers Union (NFU) on who stayed to work on pollinator issues...and who walked

Read NFU statement

12 Tips for a greener Christmas from the Ministry of the Environment (starting with 100% Ontario honey!)

Check out the news release 

Guelph scientists one step closer to inhibiting destructive bee disease: G&M

By Eric Atkins      

Nearly 8 out of 10 say Ontario government on "right track"

G&M: Neonic efficacy in spotlight as Ontario plans to curb usage

by Eric Atkins  

Quebec beekeepers take strong stance with Quebec Government on systemic pesticides

The Federation des apiculteurs du Quebec has written a letter to the  Quebec ministries of agriculture and the environment calling for concrete mea

NFU's talking points on the government's plan to restrict neonicotinoids

Backgrounder to Stats Can report

MEDIA BACKGROUNDER                                                 December 15, 2014

Latest figures from Stats Canada on Production and Value of Honey

Check out data here.

New Research from Quebec:Neonicotinoid-Contaminated Puddles of Water Represent a Risk of Intoxication for Honey Bees


Proposed Neonic Regulations: Waterloo Food Systems Roundtable.

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Honey and Beeswax Competition Results

Congratulations to everyone!

NOTICE! Deadline removed for registration for upcoming consultations

Evidently there was a miscommunication about the process at OMAFRA, so there's no deadline for registering.

GFO: "Our input is far too important to be diluted": Better Farming

The OBA is disappointed that the GFO believes that 'urban' folks from London, Kingston and Toronto will dilute their message to the government.

NEW RESEARCH shows insecticides foster 'toxic slugs', reduce crop yields: Penn State

"Now is not the time to relax" says Meaford beekeeper

By Scott Woodhouse


Bobcaygeon beekeeper lauds new provincial plan to crack down on buzz-killing insecticides

Kawartha Lakes This Week

Deadline for registering for consultations on Ontario's proposed neonic program is Thursday.

Beekeepers need to be there.