OMAFRA Launches New Platform for Online Beekeeper Registration And So Much More

Coming this fall – The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is modernizing the annual honey bee registration process and making it easier to register with the Provincial Premises Registry (PPR), to apply for permits, and to review apiary program information online. 

Online registration will be available through the AskOMAFRA portal for existing beekeepers registering for the 2018 beekeeping season. Beekeepers will be able to access their information online, including viewing and downloading current year inspection reports, and applying for permits.

Ontario beekeepers who were registered in 2017 can expect to receive a registration package in the mail by the end of October, which will have further information on how to access and utilize the portal. 

Please note that first time registrants will still be required to submit their 2018 completed beekeeper registration form through mail, e-mail or fax. 

View the AskOMAFRA Bees Portal User Guide and the AskOMAFRA ONe keyEnrolment Guide.

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