Apimondia 2022 Withdrawal

Dear OBA Members;
    As some of you may know, Apimondia 2022 was scheduled to be held in the city of Ufa in the Russian Federation. Because of the invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian forces many nations and beekeeping organizations are withdrawing from Apimondia. Canadian Honey Council is withdrawing, Alberta beekeepers are withdrawing as is CAPA. Several other provincial organizations are considering withdrawing and will likely do so officially very soon. I have asked the board of the OBA to give me approval to send the attached letter of support as soon as possible. In all likelihood Apimondia will be cancelled anyway however because of the situation a strong statement of solidarity with our Ukrainian counterparts must be made. Many of our members have friends, family in the Ukraine or have business dealing there. 
Thank you
Bernie Wiehle
OBA President