Call for Youth Representative for the OBA

The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association is seeking nominations for our Youth Representative volunteer position. The selected Representative will be able to act as a liaison between the OBA Board of Directors and its youth members, as well as between the OBA and Niagara College beekeeping students, as appropriate. They will have the option of attending Board Meetings, and participating on Committees and/or Working Groups of the OBA with the assistance of the Board Members.  
The details of this volunteer position are outlined below:
The OBA will be accepting nominations of interested candidates from the membership. If multiple nominations are received, the Board will select the successful candidate by vote. This appointment will subsequently occur annually. If no nominations are made, the position will either go unfilled, or the previous Representative shall have the option of assuming the position for another year.
Candidates must:
• be between the ages of 18 and 30
• own hives in Ontario, OR work for a commercial beekeeper for a minimum of one season, OR be a current student / recent graduate of the Niagara College Commercial Beekeeping Program
• be a current member of the OBA in good standing, or fulfill this requirement within 30 days of appointment
Roles & Responsibilities
• become familiar with the structure and functions of the OBA and its Board of Directors
• follow the constitution, bylaws, and policies of the OBA, and represent the OBA in a professional manner
• provide input for the Fall Meeting to ensure inclusion of content relevant to youth / next generation beekeepers
• present issues facing young / next generation beekeepers to the OBA Board as they are identified
• participate in other OBA activities as mutually agreed upon by the Board of Directors and the Youth Representative
Goals of this Position
To promote succession planning on the OBA Board of Directors as well as improve youth representation and involvement in the OBA.
The nominations deadline is March 15th. 
Please send all applications to