Click on this Short Video on Bumblebee Ecology & Help U of G Student Hayley Tompkins Win an NSERC Competition

Hayley Tompkins, an MSc candidate at the University of Guelph, created this short video on wild bumblebees and artificial nest boxes, a project  supported by NSERC and the Raine Lab, in collaboration with Wildlife Preservation Canada.

You can view her video here. The competition is based on you tube views, so you're invited to watch.

Hayley's research project focuses on the use of artificial nest boxes to study nesting habits and colony development of wild bumblebees. Artificial nest boxes will be installed and monitored at sites historically or currently occupied by at-risk species, to determine their efficacy as a conservation and monitoring tool.

"Thank you for letting me share my passion for pollinators with you – enjoy!”