Federal Court ruled this week that bee-killing pesticide case will go to a full hearing

Federal Court rules bee-killing pesticide lawsuit will go to full hearing

Lawsuit brought by environmental groups survives second attempt to shut it down. 

April 12, 2018 TORONTO — A lawsuit launched by environmental groups in a bid to protect pollinators from harmful neonicotinoid pesticides will proceed to a full hearing, despite repeated attempts by the federal government and companies that make the pesticides to shut the case down, a judge has ruled.  

Yesterday, Justice Catherine Kane of the Federal Court upheld an earlier decision allowing the case to proceed, dismissing an appeal by the federal government and three pesticide companies who in her view had “microscopically dissected the… decision and offered interpretations of the jurisprudence that stretch it beyond its meaning.”

The case now proceeds to a full hearing to be scheduled shortly.    

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